Automatic fire alarm security

Automatic fire alarm security

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An automatic fire alarm system is installed both in residential and non-residential buildings in order to ensure property and people safety.

The main principles of an automatic fire alarm system are the following:

  1. In case of smoke or fire special detectors are activated automatically and after that a system processes the received data and transmits the fire signal
  2. Voice, sound or light detectors are activated synchronically warning people of the emergency
  3. When there is an access control system installed on the premise a fire alarm system unblocks evacuation routes
  4. Modern fire alarm systems issue the command for activating other types of devices: automatic fire extinguishing system, smoke protection and ventilation system (if installed).

Existing types of fire alarm security

The type of security system depends on the logic of data transmission.

  • An independent system type warns the client via telephone
  • A console system type transmits the signal to the dispatcher panel. The signal can be addressable, non-addressable or analog addressable. A non-addressable signal informs about the fact of fire only and the associated cost are low. Usually it is used on small premises with few offices only. Addressable and analog addressable signals are more reliable as they allow to identify the exact place of ignition. The costs of these alarm types are higher and they are used on bigger premises or areas.

The installation type of a fire elimination system depends on its operation method and can be the following:

  • Water fire extinguisher
  • Foam fire extinguisher
  • Gas fire extinguisher
  • Powder fire extinguisher

The installation type is determined by the characteristics of a property. The most common type is a water extinguisher. Foam extinguishers are used if flammable and combustible liquids are present on the property; powder extinguishers are used in case of equipment under voltage is on fire; gas extinguishers are used to prevent damage to furniture, equipment, documents, etc.

Main components of an automatic fire alarm security system

Automatic fire alarm security systems consist of several technical devices. Each device does a variety of tasks. The system can be installed either fully or partly depending on the requirements and the area. In general, there are the following components:

  • Automated workplace designed for a centralized fire control system. It is computer based which allows to monitor system status and record events
  • Control panels which analyze the status of detectors and transmit activation commands to the fire system
  • Sensors and detectors which react on temperature increase, open fire and combustion products

Advantages of an automatic fire alarm security system

  • 24-hour control
  • Immediate alarm in case of emergency
  • Activated even in case of only one detector signaling a fire alarm
  • Allows to detect the source of the fire very efficiently and precisely
  • Extinguishes the fire
  • Eliminates smoke and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning which allows to effectively identify the source of the fire and to successfully provide evacuation

Security Company Valkyrie LLC will install an automatic fire alarm security system in your apartment, country house, office, shop or workshop. We will help you to achieve your main goal – to ensure your safety.


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