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Panic button

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Button of panic alarm or as it is also called – panic button – is a specialized equipment intended to transmit emergency data of the site status and unauthorized activity to the central console. A panic button, which costs are rather low, can provide security both in public places and in the private country house and apartment. There are two types of the button: stationary and wireless buttons.

Stationary panic buttons

Usually panic buttons are installed in shops, banks, cashboxes and other places which a exposed to higher amounts of cash. Also, this type of security is used in apartments.

The buttons are installed in spots which are invisible for outsiders but at the same time can be easily reached by a security team member so that in case of emergency he could discretely and quickly access it and send an anxiety alarm to the central console. On the central console the signal is received by the dispatcher on duty who will pass the information to the nearest Rapid Response Team without any delay. It is almost impossible to deactivate this type of security device.

Mobile wireless panic buttons

This type of buttons has the shape of a key fob and you always need to carry it with you. By just pressing the button you can easily request emergency assistance. Mobile wireless buttons are the best security type for owners of country houses. It is possible to order panic buttons for all family members. The button is connected to the central monitor of the console safeguarding which gives you the opportunity to pass an emergency signal to the Rapid Response Team via a GSM channel promptly and discretely. It is possible to pass the signal from anywhere while being on the secured territory.


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